Labyrinth Experience

Labyrinth Workshop services are a tool to guide us. The labyrinth is a path for meditation and prayer. It can be a calming, thoughtful, transformational experience. You are invited to walk a circular pattern that may assist with clearing the mind and giving insight. The experience for each person is different as we bring our unique hopes, dreams, history and longings of the soul.

This gathering is a way to walk in the present moment, one step at a time. We come together to hear about the labyrinth and to have the opportunity to walk one. Participants experience candles and music to add to this moment in time together. People discover that each individual can walk the labyrinth using a different form of spirituality from the person next to you. There are three stages of the labyrinth walk within this pattern that can define sacred space. The "correct" way is YOUR way. It is your journey. After our walk, we come together to offer the opportunity to share a portion of the experience. Many have expressed deep gratitude for these gatherings which have supported their life journey.

The labyrinth is available for private and public groups.

Cost determined by service request.
"My Labyrinth Experiences have helped me visualize my past and my future in the present tense. When I am walking, my feet carry me through the shifts and turns as my spirit allows me to cleanse... and rejoice in unison as I recognize the core of my being. Trish, thank you for the peace you offer."

- Karen A.